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Tips for decorating a small garden

The sun is coming out again so that means it's also time to take your garden furniture and plant pots out of storage! Do you have a small garden? Do you want to decorate it nicely but not sure how? We have 6 tips for you!

Don't think of a small garden as a problem, but as an opportunity to unleash your creativity. You can also turn a small outdoor area into a beautiful garden. Whether you have a patio, a balcony or even just a windowsill, there are plenty of opportunities to give a small garden with just a few square meters its own character.

It's a challenge that requires smart and practical solutions, so it's important that you use the space you have well. So, for example, go up in height, so you also create more depth. Because we know how difficult it can be, we have listed our favorite ideas for a small garden for you!

1. DIY: make your own plantpot

We all have a bit of extra time to start a DIY project. Unleash your creativity and make your own plant pot(s)! Don't you have a place to hang your new planter? Then use your garden fence or balcony, you can easily hang a planter or pot on it with a nail or string.

2. A mirror!

A mirror in a garden? Yes, it works! Attach a mirror to your fence or wall and your garden will immediately look a lot more spacious. Plants and flowers provide more depth in the reflection, so try to hang the mirror close to the plants. It’s also nice to hang lights on it!

3. Work your way up

Do you want to hide an ugly fence or just give your garden real jungle vibes? Then make a plant wall. That way you can also still do some gardening in the small space that you have. You can also easily make a vertical garden yourself with, for example, plastic bottles or a pallet.

4. Different styles in a small garden

It is important to choose one style or atmosphere to create space and tranquility. The more different styles you have in the garden, the messier and smaller it looks.


Lots of plants and flowers! A botanical garden is green and colorful. Truly a garden that will make you happy. There are also nice botanical print accessories like these pillows from Essenza.


Rattan furniture, a hanging chair, a rug with pastel colors and fringes, that's real boho. Cheerful colors and lots of pillows to lounge in, a boho garden will make you feel like you are on holiday in Ibiza! Something we can probably all use in right about now ;)


A modern garden has a slightly simpler and rougher look but can also be very beautiful. Create an industrial atmosphere in your garden with dark colours such as anthracite grey tiles or dark planters, and fill it with plumes and grasses, for example. Choose the right accessories and don't make it too messy.

5. Keep it tidy

This makes it look bigger too! Of course, it’s nice to buy new stuff for your garden every year, but then it also gets a little fuller every time. The messier the garden, the smaller it seems.

Therefore, do not try to decorate your garden too chaotically or busy, keep it simple. If you like a lot of flowers and plants, choose a larger tile in a simple color, so you bring back the peace.

6. Small alternatives

Always wanted to have a nice lounge set in your garden but don't have enough space for it? Then choose a two-seater sofa instead of an entire set. Instead of a square table, choose a round table, this takes up less space so that you have more space for garden chairs or a bench.

Foldable chairs or a bistro set also gives you more space. Honestly, folding chairs aren't always the most comfortable, but if you're really struggling for space, then they're a great option to have.